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About us

Nijukti Advisor has a simple mission "To aware the freshers awaiting for job and help them to find their dream job in Govt. or Private sectors!" Nijukti Advisor is giving its best and genuine effort to connect the Govt. or Private recruiters with a fresher or unemployed.

- An online fresher or experienced hiring platform! With a huge collection of database of over 40 thousand + resumes, 10 thousands+ resumes added every month, 2 lakh unique visitors every day.

Who we are ?

We the team taken the vow to remove the unemployement. We have planned to make aware to all the freshers as well the experienced persons to get grow in their life.

What We Do ?

We are gathering, sharing and advising about the employement.

Current Job vacancies from the Govt sectors.

Current Job openings in the private sectors.

Informing the Job seekers regarding openings in thier persuing sectors.

Huge collection of carrier opertunities in various Govt or Private sectors.

Smart & easy place for job seekers & recruiters


Post Jobs & Resumes

Easy two steps to post your resumes to get alert for any job comparing your resumes. Post job with all details to get quick response from the job seekers.


Search Jobs and Employee

Interactive advance search features from the employers to get sortlisting of the job seekers as well advance job searching options enable the job seeker to get listing of jobs currently available.


Better Tie-up

We promise to give you better service in supplying of manpower to any sectors required.